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Pre-order 2017-18 Free Student Material packets

2017-18 Student materials packet contents include:

(while supplies last, shipping only available in the U.S.)

   Student Poster:
Display posters in your office and student areas to remind your students to go to Fastweb for FREE college resources and tools. (5 per order pack)
   Quick Reference Guides for Educators:
Important reference guide for you showing key dates for the 2017-2018 school year. It's customized for high school and college schedules. (5 per order pack)
   Student Handouts:
Provide handouts to your students to remind them to create their profile on Fastweb to begin receiving their scholarships matches. (100 per order pack)

While supplies last, we can provide you a package of 400 Student Handouts to pass out at your upcoming student / parent events. Please email us directly with your request.

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